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Turowski Life Story Funeral Homes are the exclusive provider of the Life Story Experience.

The first Turowski Funeral Home was established in 1919 at 23rd st. and Myrtle on Detroit's west side by Joseph F. Turowski. In 1955, his son, Leonard A. Turowski, Sr., opened a new funeral home at 19400 Joy Rd. in Detroit. Continuing in the family tradition, Leonard A. Turowski, Jr. joined with his father in 1973 and purchased the L.A. Turowski & Son Funeral Home in Livonia. In 1986, the Turowski Family obtained ownership of the former Harvey A. Neely Funeral Home in Livonia, which later became the Neely-Turowski Funeral Home.

In 1996, the Pawlus Funeral Home was purchased in Canton. Following a complete expansion and renovation it was renamed the Neely-Turowski Funeral Home. Todd N. Turowski, the son of Leonard A. Turowski, Jr., obtained his licensure in 1999, making him the fourth generation funeral director in the Turowski family. In the spirit of service to families for four generations, we believe that our relationship with clients begins long before a death occurs and continues for as long as you need support.

Our Staff

Todd N. Turowski

Funeral Director

It was a Friday evening in March of 1990, Todd was in the 8th grade at St. Michael Catholic School in Livonia. When his Dad (Leonard Jr.) came home from the funeral home that day, he asked Todd if he would like to come to work with him the next day. From that Saturday on, Todd has done everything in the funeral home. From pulling weeds, trimming bushes, sweeping driveways, cleaning bathrooms, washing cars etc. to arranging and directing funerals as a licensed funeral director today.

Todd is a proud graduate of Detroit Catholic Central High School class of 1994. On top of receiving a top-notch education, Todd enjoyed playing football and was a member of the ski team. Amongst playing with great football teams in his four years of high school, in 1992 the Shamrocks were lucky enough to win the Division 1 State Championship. You may even catch him wearing his state championship ring around the funeral home from time to time, especially if he is caring for the family of a fellow alum.

After hanging up his helmet and cleats, Todd went on to attend Michigan State University. While in college, Todd was a member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. As a member of the fraternity, Todd served on the executive board as the treasurer and cultivated many lifelong friendships. In his sophomore year at MSU, Todd met his future wife, Shelby, who is from Grand Haven and also attended Michigan State. With all the social activities college presents, it is a bit amazing that Shelby and Todd actually met in a classroom.

After graduation in 1998, Todd moved back home to Livonia and prepared to attend Wayne State University’s School of Mortuary Science. During mortuary school, he also worked a lot with his Dad at the funeral home. His brain was like a sponge, watching and listening to everything his Dad said and did. Todd asked a million and one questions over the course of the next year and a half. He was also very fortunate to work with his Grandfather, Leonard Sr. from time to time. The two of them would direct a funeral together than always go out for lunch. You could just see the pride in his Grandfather’s eyes as he was witnessing his legacy continuing on into another generation.

In the late summer of 1999, Todd graduated with honors from Wayne State University. Then shortly after graduation he completed the National and State board exams and was a licensed funeral director working side by side with his Dad as the 4th generation.

Shelby and Todd married a few years later at St John Neumann Catholic Church in Canton. After having some fun and freedom for a few years just enjoying being together, the two decided to expand the family. They now live in Livonia and have two boys, Brayden and Camren. Two boys, two years apart keeps them busy, to say the least. Brayden and Camren are following their Dad’s path and attending St. Michael Catholic School in Livonia. As a family, they enjoy many outdoor activities including anything and everything on the water in the summer time and skiing and snowmobiling in the winter.

Todd is also active in the community. He is a member of the Livonia Rotary Club, Livonia Chamber of Commerce and the Canton Chamber of Commerce. He has served on the board of directors of both the Canton Chamber and the St. Mary Mercy Hospital advisory board.

After being 20 or so years removed from college, Todd still enjoys funeral service as much as he did as a 14year old boy. He learns something new every day and takes that knowledge to help people through a difficult time. Todd explains, “it is important to not only grieve the loss of a loved one but also to share the life that was lived and the memories made. This is where Life Story Network becomes so important. During our lives we make new memories every day, some days more than others. Everyone has a story. We help you share and cherish those memories now and for generations to come.”

“Most funeral homes dwell on death and caskets, we thrive on life and memories.”

-Todd N. Turowski

Leonard A. Turowski Jr.

Funeral Director

Growing up in Detroit, the front door of my house was the back door of the funeral home. Just as my parents and grandparents, I lived in the upstairs apartment. Funeral service has always been part of our family life. As a young boy, I would be found directing the deliveries of flowers, caskets and the various necessities needed to run the business. Saturdays were spent washing cars, pulling weeds and doing general maintenance.

Promoted to Funeral Director Assistant in the college years, I worked individually with families .It was then I began to understand that funeral service was not only the physical preparation for the end of life but an integral part of grieving. Studying the emotional layers of the grief has been an ongoing process .

1973 was an inspirational year. I became a Funeral Director in the spring and a married man in the fall. Just as my parents and grandparents before, my wife Vicki and I moved into the funeral home apartment. We moved several years later into our own home to raise our daughter and three sons. They too spent many summers helping out at the family business.

My involvement with the Michigan Funeral Directors Association, resulted in a Presidential position in 1981. Ingrained in our community, I enjoy being involved in organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club. Hearts of Livonia, Knights of Columbus, various church organizatons, and serving on the advisory board of Providence Hospital.

Then one day, as life evolves, my eldest son Todd came to work with me, washing cars, pulling weeds and doing general maintenance. Funeral service became his career choice and he was licensed in 1999. He is the fourth generation of our family in funeral service. Together we serve our families and communities with two Livonia based funeral homes and our Canton location.

Ashley Morris

Funeral Director

From a young age, Ashley knew she wanted to be in the funeral service. She couldn’t explain why; she just always knew. Ashley grew up in Livonia, before the computer and cell phone era. She spent a lot of her time outside. On any given day after school she could be found at the park, where she’d meet her friends or simply make new ones. She started piano lessons at age 7 and continued studying through high school. While she wasn’t the best piano student, she really enjoyed playing. Later in life, she found the skills she learned through piano lessons helped her with other things such as math skills, fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination…. To this day, many people won’t play hand/eye coordination games with her because she always wins, and she attributes her talents to piano lessons.

Ashley graduated from Livonia Franklin High School in 2003. During her high school years, she spent a lot of time in the photography lab, an interest that captivates her to this day. She has spent many hours taking and editing photographs for family members and friends, doing photo shoots for newborns, weddings, pregnancies, and milestone birthdays. Ashley started college right after high school, attending both Schoolcraft Community College and Wayne State University to complete her degree in 2009. She was fortunate enough to be offered an apprenticeship immediately following graduation, which allowed her to become a licensed funeral director in 2010. In 2013, Ashley became involved in the Michigan Funeral Directors Association, attending monthly District 2 meetings and the yearly convention. In 2014 she began participating as a district leader, which ended with her serving as District 2 president in 2018.

Ashley has a big sweet tooth. She loves to bake. Most days there’ll be fresh baked cookies or cupcakes at home. She enjoys baking for others, and events such as birthdays, baby showers, and weddings. Ashley loves to travel. As a child, the family would spend weeks in Houghton Lake. They’d fish, swim, roast marshmallows (her favorite) and enjoy boating. As an adult, she loves exploring and is up for adventure! Hiking, biking, white water rafting, and zip-lining are some of her favorites. Recently, she spent some time in Italy, where she became engaged at the top of an active volcano.

Ashley currently lives in Farmington Hills with her fiancé, Jeremy, and their bearded dragon “son”, Eustace. They are planning an October wedding, and looking forward to that next big adventure!